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Pini Kay Harwood heat logs
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Pini Kay Harwood heat logs

Approved for smokeless areas. Pini Kay Harwood heat logs provide high heat output, contain low levels of ash, and are a cleaner and easier product to warm your home than traditional fuels.
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PiniKay heat logs do not expand, making them very good for an open fire and wood-burning stove. Pini-K is energy efficient and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional logs. Heat logs last a long time and generate a high amount of heat relative to their size. Pinikay Briquettes contain only 100% FSC approved sawdust. No chemicals or additives are used to bind the sawdust in the compression process so they are a safe eco-friendly product to burn.


Composition 100% pine sawdust
Calorific value 4800 Kcal/кg
Max. ash content <0,36%
Max. moisture content <5%
Log size 65x65x230mm
Weight per pack 10kg
Product Standard: FSC Ⓡ 100%
Burning time ~ 3h