HS Solid fuels is a family owned company found in 2018, based in Northern Ireland. Here, at HS Solid Fuels, we understand the need of comfort, simplicity and time importance in everyday life. Our mission is to supply products, that are premium quality, time saving and easy to store. We offer a range of quality wood fuel such as wood pellets, different types of RUF briquettes, Nestro heatlogs and so much more.
We carefully research and select manufacturers, to work with, to bring our customers the high quality products - best price ratio. Happy customers - our priority. 


Wood sawdust briquettes are sensible alternative to firewood.
In manufacture of our briquettes - only dry, clean, chemically untreated wood waste - sawdust and shavings are used. No chemical additives, adhesives or binders shall be used in manifacture.
Briquettes are produced by pressing sawdust with a hydraulic press: in the face of high pressure from wood cells, lignin firmly binds them into a homogeneous structure.
Briquettes are suitable for all solid fuel boilers, fireplaces and stoves.
Convenient to store, they do not need to be chopped, and dried.
Economical: one pallet of briquettes with calorific intake corresponds to 3.5 - 4 cubic meters of dry firewood.
Enviromentally friendly: you burn wood waste that is not needed for further production, and does not emit excess carbon dioxide (neutral CO2 cycle) when it burns into the atmosphere.
Wood fuel pellets are an excellent alternative to firewood, fuel briquettes, coal, as well as gas or heating with liquid heating. Where popularity is determined by the ability, inexpensively modernise in already available solid fuel boiler, fired with wood, coal or briquettes, by  inserting an automatic pellet burner. This frees itself from the daily work of the peck, it is possible to leave the house for a longer period of time - the boiler operates autumotically - ignites itself and shuts off, maintains the set air temperature in the house.
Wood fuel pellets - renewable, CO2 neutral fuel produced from sawmills and low value wood. Wood pellets are used as fuel for household heating and industrial purposes. To ensure quality we sell only certified wood pellets.