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What VAT rate is included in the price?

 5% for domestic use. If ordering for re-sale or business use, 20% rate applies. Please contact us for a quotation if you are purchasing for business use. 

What are the differences between the various types of wood briquettes and heat logs?

Pinikay wood heat logs burn the hottest and contain the least moisture. For this reason it is the only type of briquette suitable for a wood burning cooker. 

All the types of briquettes have been thoroughly tested and perform well in all types of appliances. The choice depends mostly on your taste! If you are happy to use brick shaped briquettes, then the RUF briquettes are a good choice. They are also very compact to store. For a more natural look, try the round Nestro heat logs - these are round and look great in an open fire, much like real logs. For long night burning use peat briquettes. 

Can you mix different products on one pallet?

Yes you can. Check out our Mix your own pallet page, and ready mix pallet cattegory.

Can you deliver my order on a specific date

The standard economy delivery is a 2/3 business day service.  The delivery courier calls you to arrange a suitable date and time for delivery. After you add a product to your shopping basket, please tick the box in the Delivery section in the middle of the page to select your desired delivery date. If this option is not offered, or if you do not see a choice of dates after ticking the box, please call us on 07727714424 and we will explain options available. Unfortunately Scotland, NI and ROI, but our courier will inform you in advance of the arrival date of your order.

Will you carry the ordered goods into my house/garden/shed?

Delivery is contracted to kerbside only. This means the nearest flat, hard, level place to your property. However, drivers will normally move your goods to the nearest point accessible by a flat and level surface, even if this is inside your garage or shed. Please note that this is at the driver's discretion. The delivery driver is not insured to enter your property, unpack and carry your order into your property. 

Will you let me know what day the delivery is?

 Yes our distributors will contact you before arrival.

How to store wood briquettes?

This is a common question that our customers ask us. It is very important that you store briquettes properly because they are flammable. Thus, it is imperative that you should keep them in a dry area without direct exposure to hot sunlight. Moisture is also unwelcomed because if they get wet, your fuel will instantly lose combustability.

If you have limited storage space and the area does have moisture, try to store them above ground to avoid contact with wet humid spots on the floor.

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