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Peat is a material that is found in peatlands and bogs. It’s made up of entirely or partially decayed vegetation and/or organic compounds. In most of the world, peat has been used as fuel for a very long time. Peatlands make up a large portion of the total land area in some countries and thus, peat becomes an export of enormous significance. It is also worth noting that some peatlands are superior to others. Peat, that’s extracted from spot A could be a lot more valuable and efficient as fuel, when compared to peat, extracted from spot B. This is why we must determine and select the best suppliers of peat briquettes for us. Only by refining our product and offering the highest-quality solid fuel can we make our customers fully satisfied!

Peat briquettes are compressed pieces of peat. Thanks to a powerful press, regular peat mass is turned into bricks for burning. Made up mostly from shredded peat, this is a slow-burning solid fuel that is almost entirely smokeless. The compact and straightforward storage also makes it an excellent choice for not just cooking, but house heating as well.

Benefits of using peat briquettes

First and foremost, they are easy to store and transport. Due to the high compression rating and their compactness, you don’t need a lot of space to store and/or transport large quantities of peat briquettes.

Briquettes made from peat are renowned for their slow and very stable burning. This is an excellent choice in the long term because you can easily add an appropriate amount of briquettes to the furnace and not worry about overheating or the fire dying out.

When compared to something like regular firewood, the burning time of peat briquettes seems to be up to 5 times as much.

However, putting aside the vast list of benefits, you should always pay a lot of attention when selecting this sort of fuel because low-end and cheap alternatives will offer little or no benefits in return. Once using them, you will find out that they either produce a lot of ash, burn quickly, are hard to ignite or don’t emit that much heat. This should be a natural product. High-quality examples ought to be made without any unnecessary toxic additives or binders.

How to store peat briquettes?

Thanks to our convenient packaging solutions, the products from HS Solid Fuels will be easy to store and ship. There are some recommendations and guidelines for proper storage.

To begin with, the area of storage should be dry. Peat shouldn’t be stored in a place where moisture is abundant. Keep the site well ventilated. Furthermore, do not store briquettes in a room where they could be exposed to direct sunlight. It would be enough to set up a burning reaction if the exposure lasts too long.

It could be wise to cover the briquettes.

Why choose HS Solid Fuels?

If you’re looking to buy peat briquettes online from a supplier near me or are in the market for briquettes at a reasonable price, look no further than HS Solid Fuels! We are a business that cares about its customers and product quality. We carefully sort out the peat suppliers that we choose. You can be confident about getting the right cheapest fuel for your wood-burning stove or any other furnace for that matter when you buy briquettes that are for sale on our site. Buy Peat briquettes from HS solid fuels.

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