RUF Briquettes
RUF EKO briquettes (Harwood softwood mix 50/50)
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RUF Briquettes
RUF Pine briquettes
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Economical and very efficient type of biofuel made from pressed sawdust of coniferous wood (spruce, pine) in the form of bricks. The unique production technology allows for an extremely high calorific value and long burning time. This modern type of fuel is perfect for all long-burning stoves, heating boilers, firepits, saunas, fireplaces - having a high calorific value, softwood briquettes are ideal for heating a house.


❶ High calorific value

❷ High efficiency

❸ High density 

❹ Low humidity 

❺ Ease of use 

❻ Long burning time 

❼ Minimum ash content 

❽ Environmentally friendly 

❾ No soot 

It is recommended to store briquettes in a dry place!


Why should you choose HS Solid Fuels?

We are a family business from Northern Ireland, heavily oriented towards developing and selling high-quality fire briquettes and other solid fuels for customers who are looking for the best value for money. The team here at HS Solid Fuels spends a lot of time cautiously analysing the market and only selecting trustworthy and reputable manufacturers that provide fuel products with the same qualities and values that we have established in our company.

Our main objectives and goals are to simplify your everyday life by offering high-quality solid fuels at a price that you can feel confident in. Thanks to finely made and easy-to-store solid fuels, our customers can make their day-to-day routine a lot simpler. Buy RUF softwood briquettes from HS solid fuels.

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