Delivery info

Pallet Delivery Information:

Our standard delivery includes:

  • Delivery inclusive to all Northern Ireland addresses Orders placed on our website before 12:00 on a working day will be confirmed and dispatched the same day (or next business day if received on a weekend or after 12:00)( 1 business day)
  • For delivery rates to the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the UK simply enter your address details at the checkout and the system will calculate the delivery cost. (2-3 business days) Orders placed on our website before 12:00 on a working day will be confirmed and dispatched the same day (or next business day if received on a weekend or after 12:00)
  • Your choice of delivery day (Mon-Fri) 
  • Delivery driver will contact u before delivery
  • Delivery to the nearest accessible level hard-standing
  • Standard delivery service normally arrives between 08:00 - 20:00. If you require timed deliveries, these are available at extra cost in the mainland UK: £24 for an a.m. delivery. Please contact us to arrange. Please note these times are not guaranteed due to the nationwide driver shortage.

Important Information:

  • Pallet deliveries are made to the kerbside.
  • Delivery vehicles are not able to access driveways due to insurance restrictions. A heavy lorry can cause damage to your private lane.
  • HS solid fuels LTD can not accept liability for any damage to private property that occurs in the course of delivery. If you allow the delivery vehicle to access your private property, it is at your own risk.


How much will delivery cost?

  •  To check your postage rates simply enter your address at checkout.
  •  Pallet delivery companies charge us per pallet sent. The amount they charge depends on where in the country we send a pallet. The difference between areas can vary.


How will my order be delivered?


  • Pallet Orders are delivered by our partner couriers, Woodside Distribution, not our drivers.
  • Your goods are delivered on a pallet, the footprint of which is usually approximately 1.2m x 1m.
  • The maximum weight of a pallet is 1000kg.


Accessing your property:

Our pallet courier will normally deliver your order on an 18 tone lorry with a tail lift. This means the curbside of your property must be accessible to a large vehicle. If a bin lorry can access the road then an 18 tone lorry should be able to as well but it will be up to the driver to determine this. 

The driver may not be able to access your road if there are:

  • low overhead lines or low hanging branches
  • low bridges or bridges with weight limits
  • narrow access roads

If you think that an 18 tone lorry or larger will not be able to access your road, please request a 7.5 tone lorry when placing your order. 7.5t is the smallest vehicle we can request.

If Woodside distribution is unable to deliver to the curbside of your property, we will need to put special delivery arrangements in place. These arrangements may incur additional charges, for which you, the customer, are responsible. If you think you may need alternative arrangements please let us know before ordering so we can get a quote for you.


Will the driver be able to put the pallet in my garage for me?

  • No. The driver is contracted to deliver to the curbside only, so it’s up to the individual driver if he/she is able or willing to wheel the pallet closer to where you would like it.
  • The drivers are on a tight schedule and won’t always have the time to spend wheeling the pallet long distances, onto driveways or into garages etc. Pallets are also very heavy and the driver will not be able to wheel a tone of wood fuel on anything other than flat, level concrete or tarmac. It isn’t possible to move pallets on gravel, grass, cobbles or slopes.


Re-delivery charges

  • If your delivery doesn’t go according to plan because of access restrictions to your property or you are not able to take delivery on the day then goods arrive and you have not told us about this when ordering, the haulier will charge redelivery cost (calculated depending on the area given by haulier). Any additional costs will be charged to you, so please make sure you tell us about any issues or date and time you want your order to be delivered and are happy that a large vehicle can access your premises. Please note delivery is kerbside only.