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RUF Pine briquettes
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RUF Pine briquettes

Approved for smokeless areas. RUF Pine is great for general burning and starting the fire. They are compact and are excellent for a smaller stove or open fire, but they’re still chunky enough to get a really good burn time.
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RUF pine is made from pure, untreated wood by-product (sawdust) and is held together by compression alone, containing no additives or chemicals. Briquettes are renowned for their quality of production resulting in densely constructed briquettes so you have less mess. Long burning time and high heat output with less than 5% moisture content and 1% ash residue. High density and free from harmful glues so are a natural, carbon-neutral alternative to coal. 10kg packs, long burning time, and high heat output. Can be used as a substitute for kiln-dried logs.

Composition 100% pine sawdust
Max. ash content <1%
Max. water content <5%
Block size 150mm x 90mm x 65mm
Weight per pack 12 blocks = 10kg
Product Standard: FSC Ⓡ 100%
Calorific Value: 16.075 KJ/Kg