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Premium Baltic Peat briquettes
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Premium Baltic Peat briquettes

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The peat gives off a wonderful aroma when burnt on your fire and is also very easy to store if you have limited storage space in your home. Peat briquettes are suitable for all kinds of fires.
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Baltic Peat Briquettes are suitable for stoves and open fires. These smokeless briquettes are clean and easy to light and are made from 100% natural peat, have a long burn time and a high heat output, which will create that warm feeling you can only get with the scent of burning real Baltic peat. Using these peat briquettes in your fire will keep you and your family warm through the cold winter months. Contains no additives or chemicals.

- Low sulfur content
- Very clean and easy to handle with no soot, waste residue, or unwanted sparking
- Can be mixed with other fuels

Lovely peaty aroma, suitable for outside fire pits and chimneys



Composition Natural peat
Calorific value 17.76 MJ/kg
Max. ash content <13%
Max moisture content <9%
Block size N/A
Weight per pack 10kg
Product Standard: LST EN ISO 18134-2:2017
Burning time up to 9h
Characteristics: Suitable for stoves and open fires quality smokeless fuel every time
Suitable: Not suitable to start the fire