OLYMPIA 44 4x3 meter 1
OLYMPIA 44 4x3 meter 2
OLYMPIA 44 4x3 meter 3
OLYMPIA 44 4x3 meter 4
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OLYMPIA 44 4x3 meter
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OLYMPIA 44 4x3 meter

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This is one of our superb quality product from big range of summer houses and garden sheds.
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Made from solid wood for long lasting dream house. Comes in different sizes. Easy to assembly, foundation is not necessary and flat hard surface would work just fine.

Production takes 8 - 12 weeks. Installation and delivery comes as an extra option. 

Set includes:

 - Walls from profiled solid pine or spruce of thickness 44mm;

 - Doors;

 - Double glazed opening windows;

 - Floor board;

 - Seamless roof;

 - Pressure treated foundation beams;  

 - Sets of door and window accessories;

 - Nails and screws for house installation;

 - Detail designs, drawings and assembly instruction;

The door can be blank or glazed on request.

For any further questions feel free to contact us.

Dimensions: 400x300cm
Wall thickness: 44mm
Windows: Double glazed opening
Number of windows: 2
Number of doors: 1 double
Windows dimensions: 890x1041mm
Door dimensions: 1620x1928mm
Floor square meters: 10,1m2
Roof square meters: 18,8m2
Roof and floor thickness: 20mm
Treatment: Thermal
Material: Solid pine/spruce wood
Roof covering: Not included
Delivery: Not included ( Can be arranged)
Installation: Not included (Can be arranged)
Certification: FSC