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Pini Kay Oak heat logs
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Pini Kay Oak heat logs

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Approved for smokeless areas. Smokeless Wood Briquettes 10KG - 12Pack are eco-friendly and the perfect briquette for cold winter days and evenings. Made from sustainably managed sources, these hardwood oak smokeless briquettes give you a high heat output. Easy and clean to handle and leaving a low ash residue, they can be used in all stoves and open fires. This is the best price and quality 100% Oak PINI-KAY in the UK and Ireland's market.
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PiniKay smokeless heat logs do not expand, making them very good for an open fire and wood-burning stove.  PiniKay is energy efficient and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional logs.  This smokeless briquette burns for a long time and generates a huge amount of heat relative to its size. They are suitable for use on their own, but can also be mixed with other logs or briquettes. PK heat logs are compact, clean, and easy to store. Suitable for all types of fires. (Fireplaces, stoves, biomass boilers, pizza ovens)

Calorific value 18.770 MJ/Kg
Pack 12 Logs = 10kg approx.
Max moisture content <4%
Ash <2.6%
Size per log 210mm x 65mm with 25mm hole
Material 100% oak sawdust
Product Standard: FSC / Woodsure ready to burn
Burning time ~ 3h
Cetification: Wood sure Ready to burn: Certificate number WS483