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RUF Ash briquettes
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RUF Ash briquettes

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RUF ASH briquettes are made of pure ash sawdust and are 100% eco-friendly, compressed only with no glues, no adhesives or any other chemicals added.
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Approved for smokeless areas

RUF ash briquettes are suitable for all fireplaces and stoves. Briquettes are packed in plastic, which allows easy transport and storage. RUF Ash is made in the EU from pure ash sawdust. These easy-to-use briquettes give out steady heat with a nice flame and once they burn out leave hot glowing embers. RUF Ash is great for general burning all day long. Handy size so they’re excellent on a smaller stove and open fires.

Excellent quality, ash sawdust briquettes:
- burns hot, does not pollute the chimney
- strong, non-shattering
- packaging - clean, strong, tightly covered with a thin film


Composition 100% Ash mix sawdust
Calorific value 18.24 KJ/Kg
Max. ash content  <0.5%
Max. moisture content <6%
Block size 150mm x 90mm x 65mm
Weight per piece 830g approx.
Product Standard: FSC Ⓡ 100%
Burning time ~ 2,5h
Weight per pack 10kg