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Premium Nestro Oak Briquette
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Premium Nestro Oak Briquette

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Approved for smokeless areas. Nestro Oak are a five-star hardwood briquette, perfect for small to medium stoves. Our Nestro oak/chestnut briquettes is best price and quality product UK and Irelands market.
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Premium Nestro briquettes are made in Lithuania from fine oak, and birch sawdust. The hardwood sawdust comes from a company producing hardwood flooring and furniture. Each briquette weighs around 1.65kg, and is perfect for smaller stoves up to about 7kw. Briquettes are highly compressed, so are very dense and dust free which gives them a good long glow time. They generate excellent heat and  flame and hold their form while burning. They expand by about 15-20% while burning, so due to their length they are best broken in smaller pieces. We’ve found that they’re incredibly versatile as well  – they’re very easy to break and can be broken to into small slices, which light easily. This briquette suitable for all fires, with no need for separate kindling. Our tests puts briquette into premium class range. Octagonal shape stops them rolling  as well, which is just another point in their favor. These smokeless briquettes great for both stoves and open fires, produce a lot of heat with an excellent flame. They hold their shape and are versatile enough to start the fire with and to use for long main burning.

Composition: 100% oak, birch and chestnut sawdust
Compression: 1,200kg/m3
Calorific value: 18.340 MJ/Kg
Max. ash content: >1
Max. water content: 6%
Log size: 280mm x 80mm
Weight per log: 1.65kg
Pack: 6 Logs x1.65kg = 10kg
Certification: FSC
Package: Shrink wrapped plastic