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RUF ECO briquettes
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RUF ECO briquettes

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Approved for smokeless areas. RUF eco are compressed under high pressure, 100% environmentally friendly product without binders and additives.
343.98 € (Incl. VAT)

The high energy content of the briquettes allows a comfortable and economical heating. These Briquettes are made from mix sawdust of  softwood and hardwood. RUF are made on an extruder press which prevents this briquette from expanding when burning and therefore gives a long lasting burn time, especially in a wood burner. A great supplement to a real wood fire or can be used independently, produces very little smoke and easy to light with a small amount of kindling.

Composition Mixed sawdust
Calorific value 16.78 KJ/Kg
Max moisture content <5%
Ash content <1%
Block size 150mm x 90mm x 65mm
Weight per pack 12 blocks = 10kg
Product Standard: FSC Ⓡ 100%
Burning time ~ 2h
Wight per pallet 96 packs 960kg