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RUF Birch Premium briquettes
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RUF Birch Premium briquettes

Approved for smokeless areas. These clean, hot burning briquettes are a great alternative to firewood logs for use in fireplaces, log and multi fuel stoves, log boilers and coal fired cooking ranges.
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Approved for smokeless areas.

RUF birch briquettes are made from 100% compressed virgin birch sawdust without additives or chemicals.
Due to very low moisture levels (only 5%), the briquettes do not spit or smoke. Light easily and produce a nice burn followed by a long, hot "glow". (At least 3 briquettes should be loaded in the fire at any time, but remember not to overload your fire appliance, as briquettes produce lots of heat and slightly expand in the fire). The briquettes are very dense and compact, saving you money, effort and storage space. Suitable for all type of fires.

Composition 100% Birch Hardwood sawdust
Calorific value 17.98 KJ/kg.
Max. ash content <0,3%
Max. moisture content <5%
Block size 150mm x 90mm x 65mm
Weight per pack 12 blocks = 10kg
Product Standard: FSC
Burning time ~ 3h