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Nielsen Nestro Birch heat logs
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Nielsen Nestro Birch heat logs

Approved for smokeless areas. Our Hardwood Nestro heat logs are made from pure birch sawdust, well compacted and with a hole through the centre maximize heat output.
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Nielsen heat logs produce a very attractive flame and generate great heat. Nestro Nielsen are highly compressed, dense briquette which means it doesn’t crumble, like a lot of softwood briquettes. They are a lovely rich golden color with a hole through the Centre. Nestro Nielsen heat logs are easy to light and long lasting making them a perfect to replace for traditional firewood. Nielsen heat logs slightly expand lengthways as they burn so we recommend to brake them into smaller pieces and do not overload your firebox. Break them up into 3 or 4 pieces, place any kind of kindling beneath them and you are set, then gradually introduce whole logs once you learn what is best for your stove. All our briquettes and heat logs made from pure, sawdust and are held together by compression alone.

Composition 100% birch sawdust
Calorific value 4.9 kWh/kg
Max. ash content <0.5%
Max moisture content <4%
Log size 270mm x 90mm with 20mm hole
Weight per pack 5 blocks = 10kg
Product Standard: FSC Ⓡ 100%
Burning time ~ 3h
Wight per pack 10kg